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Feel Fresh HI-6000/1 Bidet

Feel Fresh HI-6000 w/Remote

Feel Fresh HI-6000/1 Bidet w/Remote

Bidet Overview The Feel Fresh HI-6000/1 Bidet is truly a luxury bathroom fixture. The HI-6000/1 Bidet offers a contoured design for a sleeker look that screams luxury. The Feel Fresh HI-6000/1 Bidet is designed with the highest quality of parts and functional features. You will enjoy the health benefits and maximum cleansing benefits. The HI-6000/1 cleans, soothes, dry's, and pampers your every bathroom needs.
Health Benefits Research reveals that Bidet's help with: Hemorrhoids, Diarrhea, Rashes, Urinary Infections, Vaginitis, Surgical Patients, Cancer Patients, and Elderly.
Affordable A luxury bathroom fixture that offers comfort and hygiene at an affordable price.
Color White and Biscuit
Toilet Fit Shape

Round and Elongated

Installation Easy to Install in less than a one-hour.
How-to-Buy Click Here: To review easy steps to select the right Bidet for your Toilet.
1-Year Warranty plus
1-Year Extended Warranty
HomeTech Industries (the manufacturer) warrants its products to be free from manufacturing defects under normal use and service for a period of one (1) year from date of purchase to the original purchaser. Comfort Clean gives you an additional (1) one year extended warranty absolutely free.
Feel Fresh HI-6000 Bidet w/Remote
Top view of the Feel Fresh HI-6000/1 Bidet w/Remote.
Feel Fresh HI-6000 Remote
The wireless remote control provides a luxury look. You can mount the controls in the most convenient area.
Feel Fresh Deodorizer
Deodorizer runs air through an activated charcoal filter, removing the odor.
Bidet Twim Spray Nozzles
Twin spray nozzles provide different and superior cleaning patterns. Water spray and temperature is adjustable to your individual comfort.
Bidet Slow Close Lid and Seat
Soft close lid and seat provide a quiet close every time without the slamming noise.
Feel Fresh Air Dryer
Works like a gentle hair dryer. Provides completely hands free drying without the use of toilet paper.
Feel fresh Heated Seat
Comfort of an adjustable heated seat. Perfect for those cool winters and acts as a stimulator.


Hawaii or Alaska Shipping Explanation:.

All shipments to Hawaii & Alaska must be shipped by air at a cost of $70.00. Comfort Clean will discount $20.00 of the shipping cost.

MSRP $599.00
You Save $100.00. Plus NO STATE SALES TAX
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$499.00 -- Feel Fresh HI-6000 White / Round Bidet 
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$499.00 -- Feel Fresh HI-6000 Biscuit / Round Bidet 
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$499.00 -- Feel Fresh HI-6001 White / Elongated Bidet
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$499.00 -- Feel Fresh HI-6001 Biscuit / Elongated Bidet
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Comfort Clean's manufacturer is HomeTech Industries. HomeTech Industries is the leader in customer service with US facilities to meet all your service needs.

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