Comfort Clean Product Return / Refund Form

Please print, complete, and sign this form. Failure to complete all seven sections will delay the processing of your request. To protect the product from damage make sure that the product is shipped in a corrugated box.

THE RA NUMBER THAT YOU RECEIVE MUST BE CLEARLY MARKED ON OUTSIDE OF THE PACKAGE. Packages without RA number outside the package will not be accepted and returned to you.

1. Return Product To: Comfort Clean
Return Product Dept.
RA#: _____________________

  Enter the Date of Return:  
2. Bill To Name  
  Street Address  
  City, State, Zip Code  
  Telephone Number  
  Email Address  
3. Date of Purchase  
4. Invoice Number  
5. Comfort Clean Return Authorization Number  
6. Please state a brief reason for product return:  



7. By signing you acknowledge that you have read and understand Comfort Clean's Refund, Exchange, and Defective Policy.  You understand that fees may be deducted from your refund.

Please enclose this form with your product shipment to HomeTech Industries, Inc..
Enter RA# on Return Package.